Thomas Stearns alla Venini

The autumn exhibition 2019 of Le Stanze del Vetro will be dedicated to Thomas Stearns who arrived in Murano in 1960, and his collaboration with the Venini glassworks: the search for documents and works began in view of the exhibition and the realization of the reasoned catalog.

Thomas Stearns produced a series of refined blown glass with irregular shapes, using different types of materials. In view, therefore, of the exhibition Thomas Stearns at Venini, curated by Marino Barovier, and the realization of the cat alog raisonné, an accurate documentary and works research is underway: we invite you to indicate historical photos, drawings, original documents and useful glass to illustrate this production, by calling +39 041 5236748 or by sending an email to

Located in the west wing of the ex-Convitto (a former boarding school) on the Island of San Giorgio Maggiore , the exhibition centre hosts exhibitions but also conferences, workshops and other events dedicated to glass.Moreover, as part of Le Stanze del Vetro project, the Fondazione Cini has set up a special Study Centre in its Institute of Art History to promote the gradual establishment of a general archive of Venetian glass; the creation of a specialised library; the organisation of seminars, conferences and workshops; and the institution of scholarships specifically addressed to researchers interested in the topic.


Thomas Stearns at Venini: 1960–1962

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