Unique Wedding Gifts ideas that fits with all budgets

Certainly that be invited to a wedding is a great honor. The idea of having fun, dress up, eat well and dance is always seducing meanwhile when it comes to the wedding gift the age-old question: What should I give appears inevitably with a lots of doubts

The first thing you have to keep in mind is who is getting married: family member or close friend? In that case let your budget high. If you're going to a wedding of someone you don’t really know well like a co-worker, keep your gift in a middle range. If you can’t attend the wedding, it is still a good idea to send a gift but don’t have to spend as much, you can find elegant presents from €20 in our shop.In all the cases as a etiquette rule we advised not to use the price-per plate as measure for how much you should spend. Considered what is appropriate to your relationship with the happy couple and what is the custom on your city.

Here is are list of recommendation that you can find our shop.


Calcedonio Lovers

Bonus Track
Give newlyweds wedding gifts they can use around the house. Best practical choice? Set of beatiful Murano Glass glasses .

If you want to see more visit our online shop to find these and other choices.

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