Murano Glass Bowls: What’s All the Rage?

The New York Times recently reported Murano glass to be an inspiration for designers all over the world. Venetian glassware is known for its delicacy and color variation. The legacy of the Murano glass goes back to the island of Murano, famous for its incredible glass-making techniques.

Tourists, vacationers, and even locals find the Murano glass to be representative of Italian art and the ages-old glass-making technique Murano glass-making still uses.

If you’ve been using regular ceramic bowls for special events at home, it’s time for a change! Add delicate Murano glassware to your common sets of plates and bowls. Buy Murano glass online from registered Murano sellers.

We’re giving you reasons why you need Murano glass bowls at home.

Special Glass for Special Occasions

Bone china and earthware are used as regular bowls at home. Don’t you think some variety would be good? Murano glassware is so catchy and pleasant to the eye that it’s bound to make a mark when used as showpieces at high-profile dinners and special gatherings.

The Murano glassware is crafted using different techniques. The murrine and sommerso techniques are often used to give Murano glassware its range of colors.

The Perfect Gift Item

It’s often confusing to gift people who are too picky about what they own! Murano glassware has the solution to all your gifting woes. Who doesn’t know how delicately beautiful Murano glassware is? Gift Murano glass items to the special people in your life on their special day.

Why not buy a large vase with Murano glass bowls from MuranoNet? Not only are our products simply beautiful to gift, but they also come with authentic Murano glass certification. With our aesthetic glassware, your gift becomes more precious than ever!

Complement Other Home Décor Items

We understand your house has a modern touch to it. A Murano quality is that it looks refined with any other decorative piece. Be it a vase, some flowers, or a traditional centerpiece, Murano glass bowls go perfectly with all decorative items and centerpieces.

You can place the glassware anywhere you want. Other Murano decorative pieces are equally aesthetic and do well with decorative pieces of other materials.

 black Murano glassware

Lead and Crystal Free Dinnerware

Murano glass making is free of crystal and lead products. It’s glass made with authentic techniques in Murano. The process uses no harmful chemicals or toxins. The glassware is excellent for dinnerware but may seem a bit pricey for everyday use. Take these out when you have special dinners and lunches at home.

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