Murano Glass Gifts

Holidays are around the corner, and you may be on the lookout for unique Christmas presents.

Buying Christmas gifts is a wholesome experience, but it can get a bit daunting because you want to pick a perfect present that shows your love for friends and family.

Well, you're in luck because at MuranoNet, we offer authentic Murano glass gifts that make great Christmas presents. Read for our top picks.

Murano Glass Christmas Gifts

These Murano glass products will express your love:

1. Champagne Stopper

Christmas is all about eggnog and hot chocolate, but a little champagne doesn't hurt to celebrate beautiful times with your loved ones.

This champagne stopper is made from pure Murano glass hand-blown on Murano Island by an expert craftsman. It's the perfect cork for your champagne or wine bottle. It comes in different colors. Present it to a wine connoisseur in your friends' group.

2. Flower Candleholder

A beautiful creation by Muranese masters, this decorative flower candle holder is available in pearl gold, ruby red, and precious black.

This candle holder is hand-crafted by Murano glass masters using the blown glass technique to mold the main body, whereas the petals are made from applicazione a coda technique.

This piece will enrich any living space with its warm and cozy aura – a perfect gift for your loved ones.

3. Klimt Glasses


Inspired by Gustav Klimt's artwork, the glass master has obtained the design for this set of four glasses by melting the Murano glass under heat. The glass features 24 karats of golden leaves, whereas each piece is peculiarly unique in patterns.

This set will surely inspire an art aficionado. If you have one in your friends or family circle, make their day with this amazing Christmas gift.

4. Rectangular Tray with Cherries

This black trinket tray is melted in the heat and made from multicolored and black "canna." The mosaic decoration, along with four glass cherries, make this plate a perfect décor item. Glass master has used the "vetrofusione" technique to make the tray.

You can watch the video of cherry-making here. Present this gift to your mom or someone who loves to decorate their home interior with fine pieces.

5. Fornassa Drink Glasses

Inspired by the "Goti de Fornassa" technique, these fornassa glass pieces are an exquisite example of ancient Murano glass artwork. A must-have treat for any dinner table.

Since it's handmade Murano glass, each glass has a unique property that distinguishes it from the others. The difference in color and size is proof of fine craftsmanship.

Surprise your wife with these drink glasses along with a Murano glass pendant.

Buy Murano Glass Online at MuranoNet

If you're ready to purchase these Christmas presents, head to our online store. At MuranoNet, we assure the authenticity of our products with a MuranoVitrum guarantee and certificate. Get your presents wrapped by our team to leave a lasting impression.

You can also explore Christmas decorations or reach out to our team for further inquiries.

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