Corporate Gifts With Character

It can be tempting to go with something simple as you search for corporate business gift ideas online. To find something that's unique but still likable all-round is hard, usually. This year, win over clients and coworkers alike with Murano corporate gifts. At MuranoNet, the decorative glass pieces for sale are much more than decor. They carry history, tradition, and innovation.

When you give someone Murano glass sculptures, it's a sign of taste, artistic appreciation, and respect for hard work. In line with the traditional techniques, everything on our site, from the large glass vases with wide mouths to the Ermanno shot glasses is one of a kind. Although there'll be multiple items of the same design in stock, each one is crafted individually by artists. Check out these promotions, so you don't miss out.

Show your team that you appreciate them with Murano corporate gifts they can cherish forever. Here's how to choose:

Set Your Budget

We're proud to offer shoppers a range of approximately 2000 designs, and we have something for every price point. We understand that executive Christmas gifts are different from gifts for employees, which is why we've sorted the best options. Browse our suggestions, or scroll through the collectibles for some inspiration.

Get An Understanding Of What The Recipient Would Like

With our wide variety, it can become confusing to figure out what the best option is. You can get an exquisite paperweight with 24K gold leaf set in transparent glass, all fused around a figure of a vibrant fish with the ancient "lume" technique. Alternatively, you could buy jewelry for men or women that's a little more personal.

If you have a client who's got a penchant for the finer things, including cigars, then go for a hand-blown glass ashtray. If there's an executive with a deep love of art, then check out our Gustav Klimt-inspired items.

Place The Order Quick

Artisans create these pieces with love, care, and plenty of time, which is why when you see something you like, you should place the order before someone else does. Some of our pricier items are made to order, but we have plenty in stock to make Murano corporate gifts an office tradition.

However, if you'd like to use our services for more occasions, then you also have the option to place orders for custom designs. Many of our in-stock items come in different colors, and we're always happy to work with customers to make sure they get products that they love.

At MuranoNet, you won't be disappointed, and depending on what you purchase and your location, you'll probably get free delivery! You'll find that once you shop with us, it'll be hard not to buy Murano glass online to replace everything in your home. We have Pacati drinking glasses, decorative hanging lights for living rooms, and a coveted collection of Murano glass lamps. When you get yours, remember, it's one-of-a-kind.

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