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For centuries, artisans in Murano, Italy, have used just simple equipment and unique furnaces to create beautiful works of art in the form of Murano Glass. This high-quality piece of art that collectors and art connoisseurs cherish is made only by Italian artists and craftsmen with years of experience. Many authentic Murano Glass collectable pieces have appraised hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Depending on who made them and when, which technique was used, and how rare a piece is, it may be a highly valuable special work of art or considered a valuable antique. Nevertheless, Murano Glass collectables are very popular amongst house owners, and the demand for them has been increasing. So, which Murano Glass collectables can make your house stand out? Let's find out.

1.     Round Paperweight - Millefiori

Murrine processes are used to create this circular paperweight from Murano glass. Beauty radiates from its polished finish. A unique and priceless work of Venetian art, it is constructed of murrine in a variety of colours. If you're looking to give a present that's both practical and beautiful, this is the perfect item for the office or home. Traditional Murano glass techniques were used to create this piece by Ragazzi, and it is available in different colour options as well.

A Murano paperweight

2.     Green leaves tipetto goblet

An extremely rare and collectable work of art, this is a one-of-a-kind artefact. The "Tipetto" is a component of the classic way that Murano glass is made. Assuming it's just a piece of glassware is an understatement: it's a priceless piece of art and luxury. They are of exceptional quality, with a cup backed by skillfully crafted stems, mouth-blown and hot constructed. Each part is a miniature work of art in and of itself.

Each cup is unique since the master glassmaker produces and decorates every cup one at a time, without moulds or templates. Every goblet is one of a kind and can't be replicated. Selected Murano glassworks employ centuries-old and ancient Murano glass processes to create this unique piece exclusively for MuranoVitrum's storefronts.


3.     Wall Clock - Art. 2003

Featuring a hand-engraved mirror and walnut-coloured wooden embellishments, this Venetian-style wall clock exudes elegance and refinement. It is entirely handcrafted, and any little flaws or alterations in proportions should be viewed as proof of its craftsmanship and the uniqueness of each item. It was created for MuranoVitrum exclusively by a Venetian supplier.

Looking For A Murano Glass Store To Buy Murano Collectables?

There would be no glass masters if there were no collectors, as well as there would be no musicians if there were no spectators. Only thanks to this symbiosis over the centuries have we been able to reach unimaginable heights of excellence. And that's not all, the best results are the ones that will come.

With this article, we want to give some advice to those who approach this wonderful world of colours, shapes, transparencies and reflections. The strength of glass is that it is unalterable over time and your collections can be handed down intact to your successors even for centuries if they are cared for.

The first thing to take into consideration is that you are approaching a truly vast art form. In Murano, there are about 200 ateliers still active, and each of them employs masters of various stature and each of them specializes in a specific field. Some produce lighting, some glasses, some produce sculptures, some vases, some mirrors and so on.

A Murano collectable

 Therefore our advice is to choose a theme for our collection, investigate who are the best masters and brands that produce them and above all follow your instincts. There are very successful collections in the world, recently the Rosenberg collection has been hosted on the island of San Giorgio in Venice.

This is a splendid example of a young man who has been dazzled by the world of glass animals and has created over the years a collection that goes around the world's museums, bringing his magic and his vision at all.

Here are the possibilities: you can choose a particular artist (Flavio Poli, Lino Tagliapietra, Davide Salvadore, and many others) or a theme (Lamps, Mirrors, miniatures, paper presses or other), a technique (sbruffi, solid, blown, world champion, reticello, and much more), a brand (Venini, Salviati, Pauly, etc) or you can invent any theme that can create a story to add value to your collection.

Having said that, then the best advice is to inform you to follow your taste, giving your collection the imprint you like best. MuranoNet, thanks to a blog of more than 600 posts and a catalogue of more than 1000 articles chosen from the best artists, offers you a great overview and a precious amount of information, otherwise impossible to find in the sea of the web.

Furthermore, a team of experts is always available to give personalized advice. In the Glossary section of the blog, all the techniques have been refined in the seoli on the island of Murano and can be a good starting point to start moving in this magical world.

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