Murano glass lamp

Murano glass lighting is status-symbol and statement-making embellishments. They can illuminate any space with their grandiosity and beautiful artwork. They have reflected the mastery of Muranese artisans for centuries and carry the remnants of ancient history and art with them.

Murano glass floor lamps are widely sought-after due to their unique style and design. These tall-standing devices can instantly elevate your interior space. Continue reading if you're wondering how to style Murano glass floor lamps.

Unique Uses of Murano Glass Floor

While aestheticism is one of the appealing factors of these tall lighting devices, there are many other great uses of these lamps as well. Let's explore some of them here.

1. Unique Style

Unlike other lighting devices and lamps, floor lamps are tall and placed on the floor. Hence, the name. They range from 4 to 6 feet, depending on their functionality. The elevated light creates an effect of vertical space. That's why Murano glass floor lamps are used in commercial and residential spaces to create a unique sensory illusion.

2. Task Device

Floor lamps offer many practical benefits, from vintage pharmacy lamps to picturesque reading lamps. If you want to create an unwinding and relaxing aura in your bedroom or living room, a floor lamp is the right option. Alternatively, you can sit by the floor lamp to get immersed in a book or unwind over a cup of coffee.

They're all-purpose lighting options that can complement your home décor while being functional. A 4ft. tall floor lamp is just shoulder-high if you're seated and can be used as a reading lamp.

1. Hassle-Free Installation

Unlike other lighting fixtures, Murano glass floor lamps are a hassle-free lighting device. All you have to do is find a cozy spot with a power socket, and voila! You're done. You don't need professional help for installation and save your bucks on paying for services.

They're also more affordable than a Venetian chandelier or a wall-mounted embellishment. You can move them as you please and install them in another room when you need a change of scenery. They've dual benefits of elegance and mobility.

2. Style Versatility

Murano glass lamps come in a large variety of designs and styles. They're hand-blown to perfection, and Murano glass masters mold the glass. They put their heart and soul into creating these pieces of art.

There's no shortage of design options, from minimalistic style to contemporary modern designs. Each new piece is sophisticated and modern yet true to its origin. They come in a sleek design and traditionally-handcrafted Venetian glasswork.

3. Sensory Illusion

Murano glass floor lamps create an illusion of space by heightening the space. They lighten up the space at eye level to balance out brightness. You can complement your Murano glass floor lamp with wallpaper that offers an offbeat backdrop.

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