Dino Rosin

Dino Rosin was born in Venice May 30, 1948.

His family moved to the glass making island of Murano when

he was two months old. At the age of twelve Dino Rosin left school and began working as an apprentice at the Barovier and Toso glassworks where he remained until he joined his brothers - Loredano and Mirco - at their factory Artvet, in 1963, realising unique glass sculptures.

Dino Rosin continued at Artvet until 1975 when he moved to Loredano Rosin's newly established Studio as his assistant. There, Dino has collaborated with his brother for more than 25 years becoming one of the best international artists.

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In 1988 Dino Rosin was invited to Pilchuck Glass School in Washington to teach freehand glass sculpture with Loredano and the American glass artist, William Morris. Examples of his skill at cutting and finishing large glass sculptures have been exhibited throughout the world.

After the tragic death of Loredano (1991), brothers Dino, Diego and Mirco opened a new glass studio in 1992.

Here Dino forged his glass sculptures, characterized by purity of matter, simplicity of form, and technical research. His artworks have been exhibited in many important art galleries around the world for twenty years and every year hes is called in the United States and other parts of the world for creative courses and demonstrations.

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The biggest merit of Loredano and Dino Rosin is the rediscovery of the "alchemy" behind the mysterious chalcedony technique, realized for the first time in Murano in the 15 th Century, but the secret of which had been lost for 150 years.

Dino Rosin's skillful use of calcedonio glass is unique and makes his pieces recognizable and very important for collectos.

An example of Dino Rosin's art can be found here

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