here is a new system of protection for Murano glass: a few days ago in Venice, the Promovetro consortium introduced the new Vetro Artistico® Murano brand. It will allow anyone who buys an artwork, to know its history and provenance.
An important help for the Muranese producers, but also a guarantee for the buyers that will be sure to have purchased an original product.
There are many new features compared to the previous sticker.
The mark, red or blue depending on the type of technique and processing (red for the hot working in the furnace, blue for cold working), will appear on a white or transparent label with different formats, based on the artwork: rectangular or jewelry stickers.
It introduces a technological element: the QR code. The QR code can be read by any smartphone and will redirect to a product information page.
The codes reported on the new label will be two: the producer code and the product code.

There will also be other anti-counterfeiting technologies such as Clear-to-cyan and Confirm by 3M, or gold foil printing with metallic effects, or even the Fluo Ink visible under UV light.
Furthermore the label will be equipped with security cuts to avoid reuse.
It's a "victory" for Murano artists but Also for consumers: both will be defended by those who create low-quality goods or, even worse, fake Murano goods. And unfortunately, in Venice, despite the constant controls, some shopkeepers are still selling counterfeit products.
In this case there is a certification mark for vendors.
We have the V07 code for our shop MuranoVitrum in Venice, near Piazza San Marco. Check here:

For more on the new Vetro Artistico® Murano label see the official website

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