Where: Murano, Museo del Vetro Sala Nove (Sala Brandolini)
When: 7th September 2023 
Until: 29th Febraury 2024

Organized by: Matteo Silverio

Official website

The Murano Glass Museum is hosting an exhibition featuring about 40 works by Murano glass masters using recycled industrial glass, a material they're not accustomed to.
These pieces, crafted by 15 masters from companies holding the Vetro Artistico® Murano trademark, showcase art made from waste glass using techniques like soffiato, vetrofusione, lavorazione a lume, molato, and battuto.
This unique approach aims to raise awareness about recycling, sustainable resource use, and sustainability.
The exhibit, set in a modern loft-like environment in the Sala Brandolini, is supported by various organizations and contributes to The Venice Glass Week 2023, emphasizing the protection of the Venetian lagoon ecosystem.

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