Tobias Møhl At Work

Tobias Møhl is a Danish contemporary glass artist born in 1970.
His work has been exhibited at the Holstebro Kunstmuseum.

Other major galleries and museums, such as the National Nordic Museum, have exhibited Tobias Møhl's work in the past.
From an early fascination with craft and design, Møhl's journey took him into the world of glass art, where he became fascinated by the unique techniques used by Venetian glassblowers.

A significant turning point in his career was a chance meeting with the legendary Lino Tagliapietra, whose influence played a key role in shaping Møhl's skills and artistic vision.

Guided by Tagliapietra, Møhl ventured into the world of glass art, taking on the challenge of mastering these venerable techniques while imbuing them with his personal expression.

Møhl's approach to glass art revolves around the use of Venetian techniques in a distinctly Scandinavian way. Moving away from traditional patterns, he explores new and organic expressions that add an extra sophistication to his creations. With a keen eye for the simple details of glass, Møhl harnesses its power in the right context, resulting in works of art that exude elegance and innovation.

A celebrated figure in contemporary glass art, Tobias Møhl continues to push the boundaries of glassblowing, infusing his works with the harmony of Danish aesthetics and Italian artistry. His contributions to the world of glass art stand as a testament to the captivating blend of cultural influences and artistic ingenuity.

Adrian Sasson
Suzanne Lovell


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