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Vase belonging to the Arthur Collection, designed by Stefano Toso and handmade by Romano Donà.



  • Height: 30cm - 11.81"
  • Width: 14cm - 5.51"
  • Depth: 14cm - 5.51"
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Designed in the 90's by Stefano Toso, handmade in Murano by Romano Donà, the vases belonging to the "Arthur Collection" are a tribute to the legendary King Arthur and are nowadays very difficult to find on the market. This vase is made of incamiciato glass, with inclusion of coloured canne, then grinded to obtain a smooth and perfect finish. The very complex techniques used on a vase of these dimensions and the flawless results show the great skills of the maestro Romano Donà. See also the Green version.

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