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MuranoVitrum Guarantee

Every glass object from Murano merges two souls: the traditional approach by the artist who works the matter and the creativity of the designer who gives shape to the emotions.

To purchase a Murano glasswork means buying a great value. For this reason, MuranoNet® offers to its customers the guarantee of authentic and certified pieces: a trustworthy way to buy authentic Murano Glass artworks. 

MuranoVitrum® GUARANTEE

Our exclusive products

All products carrying this trademark are the result of the creativity of our specialized craftsmen from the Murano Island.

The MuranoVitrum trademark guaranties that the product has been hand-made in Murano or Venice. The name of the artist and his history are specified in the form referred to each item: you will be able to discover him through bio and info, photos and videos.

In this way, visibility is granted to all the manufacturers, besides guaranteeing the purchase of our clients.

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