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SKU: FOBM3941xx

Blown bottle "canne"


  • Height: 2cm - 0.79"
  • Width: 2cm - 0.79"
  • Depth: 2cm - 0.79"
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The Rainbow Perfume Bottle is a uniquely-crafted Murano Glass vase that is a favourite of many house owners. This luxurious Murano Glass vase was crafted using ancient glassblowing techniques by the expert artisans of Murano.

Even though it has been created by hand, it can be difficult to believe it, given the sheer brilliance and beauty of the vase. The colours have been so precisely added that none of them touches each other. Furthermore, no adhesive materials or glue was used to make this product, making it even more unique in terms of its production.

The vase comes in three varieties – small, medium, and big. Whether anyone orders a large vase or the small one, one thing that is guaranteed is its high quality and visual appeal that draws people in. The product comes with a Vetro Artistico Certification that serves as proof of its authenticity and guarantees that it was made by the glassblowers of Murano on the island of Murano.

This vase is made of blown transparent glass in which are melted multicolored canna. In this piece according to the tradition of Murano's glassmaking, no moulds or glue are used. Canna technique is one of the fundamental processes of Murano's glassworks. A very large numbers of types and applications can be found for this technique, both functional and decorative.

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