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SKU: TGC00100xx

Murano glass abstract sculpture of three cubes.
Color: calcedonio.


  • Height: 65cm - 25.59"
  • Width: 34cm - 13.39"
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Sculpture in Murano glass, made using the Massello and Calcedonio techniques.
Maestro Tagliapietra surprises glass enthusiasts with this abstract sculptures representing three perfect cubes floating in three frames. Don't let the minimalist lines fool you: simplicity is just apparent. It takes a lot of strength, skills, and experience to create such a stunning artwork.

Its peculiar colors are due to the calcedonio technique. The coloring effect is obtained by adding to the molten glass a mixture based on different metal oxides. The results are incredible.

Hand-made in Murano by Andrea Tagliapietra, following the ancient Murano glass techniques.

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