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Murano Bauta Mask shaped centerpiece. See all Vienna collection


  • Height: 10cm - 3.94"
  • Width: 11cm - 4.33"
  • Depth: 8cm - 3.15"
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Murano glass Mask crystal with gold leaf and submerged murrinas.

Venice knew it was the only city with such a licentious, lively and provocative Carnival that it attracted anyone with money to spend and the desire to experience extraordinary situations. Not only in the parties of the palaces but above all in the reduced, the gambling halls present everywhere in the city.
The oldest of these managed by the state was that of Palazzo Dandolo, where wealthy players, not only Venetians but also foreigners, dared beyond all limits by betting large sums on the gaming tables precisely because they felt protected by the anonymity of the mask, which case was mandatory. Thus, in the case of large losses, they could at least save their dignity.
And here the bauta turned out to be the perfect disguise, precisely because it made everyone the same. It was worn by rich and poor, men and women, aristocrats, bourgeois and religious, who mingled and concealed their identity. It is therefore not surprising that this has become the most famous of the disguises used in the eighteenth century in Venice.

Handmade by a selected artisan in Venice, using the traditional Muranese techniques.
Any small defects or difference in measurements and colours as reported here are to be considered as evidence of this craftmanship, and especially as an evidence of uniqueness of each single piece.
Please, note that the murrinas color combinations are different for every piece.

Technique vetrofusione

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