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SKU: APPW0045xx

A beautiful ornamental paperweight composition for desktop use that is also a sweet gift and a nice collectable piece of art.


  • Height: 7cm - 2.76"
  • Width: 9cm - 3.54"
  • Depth: 5cm - 1.97"
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If you're looking for something that will remind you of your significant other, then the Hearts of Venice Valentine's Day "Lovers" is the perfect option for you. This Murano Glass paperweight is light and can be carried around. It is ideal for your desk, whether that's at home or in your office. This piece of Murano Glass will serve as a daily reminder of the person that you love so much and also add a touch of Venetian elegance to any place you put it.

This Murano Glass paperweight is also the perfect last-minute Valentine's gift that you can give to your loved one, ensuring their special day doesn't go without you reminding them of your love. What makes this Murano Glass product so special is that it was created on the island of Murano by expert glass blowers that made this using ancient-glass blowing techniques.

The Hearts Of Venice Valentine's Day "Lovers" is seven centimetres (2.76 inches) in height, nine centimetres (3.54 inches) in width, and five centimetres (1.97 inches) in depth. The product is MuranoVitrum-guaranteed and comes with a certificate that serves as proof of its authenticity.

This object is entirely handmade in the island of Murano, Venice.
As you can see from the photos, it adapts perfectly to any type of light creating wonderful effects.
Perfect as a romantic gift, it can be used as a home decoration or as a paperweight.
Each item is sent with the certificate of authenticity.

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