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SKU: AAM07159xx
$12,603.00 $19,213.00

Louis XIV mirror in Murano glass, handmade entirely by Venetian glass masters on a French-style model of the 18th century.


  • Height: 122cm - 48.03"
  • Width: 99cm - 38.98"
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The sumptuous Louis XIV style comes to life in this splendid Murano mirror.

Characterized by classical and baroque elements, the French Louis XIV style was born to celebrate the magnificence of the "Sun King". A lover of formal rigor and majesty, the King of France imposed a new style of furniture between the 17th and 18th centuries that quickly spread throughout all European courts. A privileged role in the new style had the mirrors, which the king particularly loved and used profusely in the Palace of Versailles, not only in the famous Gallery of Mirrors. To please the King, the workers of the time even invented a new method of producing mirrors that made it possible to create much larger models than those made up to then, capable of furnishing large spaces.

In the current production of modern Murano mirrors, the Louis XIV style models are always among the most requested. Faithfully made by master glassmakers on original models of the eighteenth century, according to ancient techniques, the original Venetian mirrors in Murano glass are an authentic marvel, able to embellish the rooms with both classic and modern furnishings. Having a Murano glass mirror in your home or office is like having a precious jewel of a unique and timeless style!

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