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SKU: FMFO707210xx


  • Height: 15cm - 5.91"
  • Width: 10cm - 3.94"
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This Murano Glass Zoo Elephant is an extraordinary Murano Glass sculpture that was created on the island of Murano by the expert glassblowers that reside there. This Murano Glass sculpture has been handcrafted using the Massello process, which indicates it is not blown glass but rather "full." The use of crystal and gold leaf just adds to the elegance and brilliance of this Murano Glass sculpture.

This Murano Glass Elephant is the perfect piece of décor for people who love nature and animals. Additionally, it can also be given as a gift to a friend, relative, or a young member of the family that is fond of Elephants and gets fascinated by them.

This Murano Glass Zoo Elephant is fifteen centimetres (5.91 inches) in height and ten centimetres (3.94 inches) in width. However, these dimensions are of the small model and other models might have different dimensions. The product is MuranoVitrum-guaranteed and comes with a certificate that serves as proof of its authenticity. In addition to that, it also comes with a VetroArtistico Certification as well.

Perfect for a house full of life. This elephant made with a fantastic transparent crystal and Gold Leaf. Elephants are very particular animals. They own a prodigious memory. They travel hundreds of kilometers a year. and still remember that they have followed and, above all, the sites in the savannah (and even the desert) where there is water. This sculpture is perfect for those who loves animals, nature and travel.

The technique use is Massello, which means that the piece is 'full', not blown glass. Processed under heat by modelling a block of glassy mass applied over the tip of a metal rod. This process appeared in Murano for the first time in the late 20s thanks to Flavio Poli at the I.V.A.M. furnace of Libero Vitali's where he designed the first figures in full or massello glass.

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