An Italian's Guide To Shopping For Murano Glass

Glass vessels date back to Roman Era that was excavated in the Veneto region. Murano glassmaking is a fine art of hand-made and mouth-blown glass molded into various designs, styles, and sizes.

You'll find Murano glass sculptures, chandeliers, large glass vases, animal figurines, and other collectibles. With popularity comes the risk of being duped. You'll find a plethora of impersonators selling fake Murano glass products.

As a Murano glass specialist company, we have outlined this guide so you can hunt for a Murano product successfully.

Successful Shopping of Art Pieces in Murano

Taking a trip to Murano Island is worth all the hassle. You can watch glass molding into nuanced and intricate structures. Embrace the experience of glass transformation firsthand. Shopping for Murano glass products in Murano is an art itself.

If you don't want to be duped or get caught with a low-quality product, follow these insider tips on how to successfully shop for Murano products.

Go To Murano Itself

Many visitors commit the mistake of purchasing Murano glass products in Venice without making a trip to Murano Island. If you're in Venice, we recommend a trip to Murano. Don't miss out on a historically beautiful Island.

You'll meet a few persistent hawkers who will offer you a trip and an exclusive tour of a Murano glass factory. It costs a few bucks to visit the island on a ferry ride yourself. Once you reach this beautiful Island, you visit any glass master and factory on your own.You won't have to be duped by hawkers' sales tactics and enjoy this island's peace alone.

Move Away From Docks

Once you've taken the ferry ride, navigate away as quickly as possible because a persistent hawker might lure you into a tourist trip to glass factories that border the docks. The best factories and glass masters aren't there. Head down from the glass museum and go farther away towards the Basilica of Santi Maria e Donato.

Go To Glass Museum

Your first stop should be the museum. You can train your eyes to recognize authentic Murano glass products. The museum has an impressive collection of ancient and authentic Murano glass products that date back to the Roman Empire. Although the style may have evolved, you'll find that today's true glass masters share similar marksmanship, which is true to the original Muranese Island.

Get in the Action

Aside from the museum, you should take a tour of glass factories. You'll find impressive glass-blowing demonstrations, and your eyes might catch something valuable on the trip. You're not obliged to buy from a factory crowded with customers. You can find other smaller but genuine artisans who offer a morepersonalized experience.

Know The Price

Prices will vary according to the technique used in the piece, the reputation of the glass master, and the signature. Some techniques demand more craft and dexterity, which increases the price of a piece. Similarly, the reputation of a glass master commands the prices. Finally, if a piece has been signed or designed by a famous designer, it'll affect the price.

 Animal figurine

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