Murano Glass Art – 5 Birthday Gift Ideas

Murano Glass gifts can be a great source of happiness for someone. You can use these exquisite pieces of art to celebrate your loved ones. You can express your love through gifts, and what’s better than a piece of fine glass molded into a delicate form?

Murano glass is an easy option if someone’s birthday is coming up and you’re unsure what to get them. We have curated this list of gifts that will surely leave a mark.

1. Shot Glasses

Glassware can be an essential birthday gift for someone who loves collecting fine kitchenware, cookware, and other items. These shot glasses are made using the Fornassa technique, which demands time and standing long in front of a furnace. These shot glasses can be a perfect way to celebrate the day of your loved one because of their joyful murine shape.

And they can just as easily use these glasses for daily use or only for special guests, who knows?

2. Glass Beaded Jewelry

Murano glass necklace

Beaded jewelry dates back hundreds of thousands of years. Many tribes use beads for storytelling, while others use them for self-adornment and beautification. If you’re unsure what to get someone, jewelry is always an easy option.

This necklace is part of our Santa Barbara collection and comes with MuranoVitrum Guarantee. The beads are handcrafted and produced using lume process with greater care and precision. You can also pair them with earrings and a bracelet to complete the matching set. The length is adjustable, and it comes in various colors.

3. Glass Bike

Murano glass bike

Murano glass bike is a perfect birthday gift for an adventurous soul! If your loved one is a passionate cyclist or loves cycling to blow off some steam, this artifact can reproduce the same charm in the form of a glass.

The item is light and honors the traditional lume technique. Our artisans use hand-blowing techniques to form this piece of art, and the pop of color can bring character to any living space. Get a MuranoVitrum guarantee and pick your favorite color combo.

4. Glass TrayMurano glass tray

This patchwork rectangular glass tray can be a perfect centerpiece for a living room table. It is stripped with murine technique and complemented by a black rim. The oriental colors of this centerpiece are what make this an eye-catching birthday present.

This is an incredibly beautiful creation and custom designed using the fusing technique. The variances in colors and measurement are the mark of fine craftsmanship and evidence of their uniqueness. You can give it as a birthday present to someone who loves revamping their interior décor.

5. Calcedonio Sculptures

Murano glass sculpture

If you’re willing to take it up a notch, go for calcedonio sculptures. You’ll find a variety of 15th century inspired sculptures that reflect the splendor of Venice. You’ll find animal figurines, abstract art, and other portraits.

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