Enhance Property Value – Adorn Your Home With Murano Glass

You can earn bragging rights with Murano glass pieces. Each art piece carries remnants of ancient history, exceptional marksmanship, and Venetian tradition.

You can use Murano glass to decorate your home with originality and style. We’ve outlined some of the best decoration pieces that can optimize the vintage look around your home while maintaining a modernistic atmosphere.

1. Murano Paintings and Sculptures

Murano glass sculptures capture the true essence of Venetian glasswork. The Chalcedonian sculptures can be the focal point in your home décor and be the conversation starter. Our skilled glass masters can create unique sculptures in any size, shape, and form, including actual and abstract art.

You can place these sculptures in your dining room, living room, or bedroom. Murano glass artists can convey beautiful messages through their sculptures. You can also get customized paintings spanning these sculptures.

2. Murano Glass Vases

Murano glass cases are a few of those extremely luxurious art pieces. True connoisseurs of Murano glasswork know the value of these glass vases. You can get single-colored or multi-colored vases that can transform any living space.

We offer a wide array of Murano glass vases that you can use as centerpieces at home or give as a housewarming present to your friends or family. Pour some water to add indoor plants or use these vases as a standalone decoration piece.

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3. Murano Glass Plates and Centerpieces

You can adorn your kitchen with Murano glass plates, glassware, and centerpieces. These plates and centerpieces can be the focal point of your dining table. Alternatively, you can also use them to adorn side tables in your rooms.

Turn your parties and reception into traditional events by serving your guests with these stylish and colorful objects. These Murano glass plates and dishware are made using ancient techniques and floral patterns to reflect classic Venetian style art.

4. Murano Glass Lighting

Lighting is an important part of home décor. Plan your lighting scheme using Murano glass lightings such as chandeliers, table and floor lamps, ceiling lamps, and more. These lighting fixtures can illuminate any living space and simultaneously add to the aesthetic style.

We offer Venetian glass chandeliers, pendant lights, and other lighting fixtures.

5. Murano Glass Mirrors

Mirrors can instantly spruce up any living space. You can create a visual effect using mirrors if you have limited space. Murano glass mirrors come with antique and modern frames that can exude a vintage aura around your room. You can also mount these mirrors at the entrance or in empty hallways.

Murano glass vase


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