Giovanni Seguso (Patàre)

Known as Nane Patàre.
He was born in 10 Feb 1853 – 27 Oct 1931.
Cousin of the famous Isidoro, celebrated by D'annunzio, he was one of the most famous glassblowers of the 20s, and worked for the follwing firms: Andrea Rioda & Co. , MVM Cappellin & Co. , and later for Venini & Co .

From the collaboration of Giovanni with Vittorio Zecchin a remarkable collection of blown glass was born.
Vittorio who appreciated his mastery in the creation of colors said: "Nane Patàre gave us colors that we could only dream of"
His ability in making blowing glass is proverbial, and he has been frequently celebrated in both the italian press and abroad.
In 1924 he exhibited some of his works at the XIV Venice Biennale.

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