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SKU: TGC00150xx

Sculpture of a Chinese figure, kneeling.
Color: calcedonio.


  • Height: 30cm - 11.81"
  • Width: 15cm - 5.91"
  • Depth: 9cm - 3.54"
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This Murano Glass figure, like all others, was handcrafted using ancient glassblowing techniques. Murano glass artists used the Massello and Calcedonio methods to create this artwork of a Chinese man kneeling.The Caledonia process is responsible for the vibrant, shimmering colours. For the colouring, a mixture of different metal oxides is added to the hot liquid glass before it cools.

A famous subject in Murano glassmaking, ethnic characters emerged as a result of the Venetian Republic's interactions with far-flung places like China.In this instance, maestro Tagliapietra honours that connection with a stylised piece of art of a kneeling Chinese person. This Murano Glass figurine is the ideal addition to your workplace desk, whether that's at home or office.

This Murano Glass sculpture is thirty centimetres (11.81 inches) in height, fifteen centimetres (5.91 inches) in width, and nine centimetres (3.54 inches) in depth. The product is MuranoVitrum-guaranteed and comes with a certificate that serves as proof of its authenticity.

Sculpture of a person kneeling, made in Murano glass using the Massello and Calcedonio techniques.
Ethnic figures are a classic theme in Murano glass production, due to the contacts that the Repulic of Venice had built with far countries, such as China. Here maestro Tagliapietra celebrates that bond with a stylized sculpture of a kneeling Chinese figure.

Its shimmering colors are due to the calcedonio technique. The coloring effect is obtained by adding to the molten glass a mixture based on different metal oxides. The results are incredible.
Hand-made in Murano by Andrea Tagliapietra, following the ancient Murano glass techniques.

Please note that with the chalcedony technique, the color of the item can vary unpredictably. You may request photographs of the product before purchasing. Without such a request, returns or exchanges due to color discrepancies will not be accepted.

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