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SKU: TGFD00029xx

Murano glass sailboat
Color: calcedonio.


  • Height: 80cm - 31.5"
  • Width: 58cm - 22.83"
  • Depth: 21cm - 8.27"
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Drawing inspiration from the eerie story of the "Flying Dutchman," a ghost ship rumored to roam the seas forever, never to dock again, this narrative has served as a muse for a myriad of literary, musical, and cinematic works. This legend, dating back to the 17th century, is especially poignant during storms at sea, symbolizing evil or fate. Reflecting this spectral journey, a Murano glass sailboat, meticulously carved with crystal and Chalcedony glass, emerges as a breathtaking work of art. The technique, known for its layered incorporation of colored glass, creates a mesmerizing pattern that brings the sailboat's silhouette to life. This process yields a sailboat of remarkable beauty, whose curves and colors harmonize to captivate and intrigue, making it not just a piece of art, but a story of perpetual marine wandering.

This exquisite Murano glass sailboat, a blend of elegance and history, stands as an unparalleled addition to home decor, infusing spaces with originality and a tale of the sea's eternal call. Each piece, a testament to the artisan's skill, is signed by the artist with a diamond tip, ensuring its authenticity and provenance. Accompanied by a certificate of authenticity and shipped home insured, it represents not just an artistic creation, but a piece of history and legend, forever sailing the oceans of imagination and elegance.

Please note that with the chalcedony technique, the color of the item can vary unpredictably. You may request photographs of the product before purchasing. Without such a request, returns or exchanges due to color discrepancies will not be accepted.


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