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SKU: TGC00141xx

Sculpture of a Manta Ray in Murano glass.
Color: calcedonio.


  • Width: 27cm - 10.63"
  • Depth: 20cm - 7.87"
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If you're looking for a piece of decoration that will surely blow away your guests, then the Murano Glass Manta Ray is definitely what you're in the market for. This piece of unique Murano Glass sculpture is a true piece of art and is guaranteed to leave the viewers in awe. Its colours, design, and style are like no other, making this Murano Glass Manta-Ray a priceless piece of Venetian art.

This Murano Glass sculpture was made using the Calecedonio glass  and Massello techniques. The Massello technique involves the use of a slightly blown glass which is stretched and manipulated by a heated glass block. At the same time, the Calcedony process is responsible for the peculiar shades of colour found on this piece. In order to achieve the desired hue, a mixture of various metal oxides is poured into a molten glass stream.

The Murano Glass Manta-Ray is twenty-seven centimetres (10.63 inches) wide and twenty centimetres (7.87 inches) in depth. The product is MuranoVitrum-guaranteed and comes with a certificate that serves as proof of its authenticity.

Sculpture of a Manta Ray in Murano glass, made using the Massello and Calcedonio techniques.
Maestro Tagliapietra has taken inspiration from the creatures of the ocean to create a stunnin reproduction of this beautiful animal.

Its peculiar colors are due to the calcedonio technique. The coloring effect is obtained by adding to the molten glass a mixture based on different metal oxides. The results are incredible.
Hand-made in Murano by Andrea Tagliapietra, following the ancient Murano glass techniques.

Please note that with the chalcedony technique, the color of the item can vary unpredictably. You may request photographs of the product before purchasing. Without such a request, returns or exchanges due to color discrepancies will not be accepted.

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