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Murrina pendant with initial


  • Height: 1.9cm - 0.75"
  • Width: 1.9cm - 0.75"
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Looking for an anniversary present for your wife? Or maybe you are looking to gift your special one something unique? Whatever the case might be, a Murrina Pendant is the perfect gift for every occasion. This Murano Glass necklace is guaranteed to "wow" your significant other and leave them in awe of its beauty and elegance.

The Murrine Pedant can also have an initial of a name engraved on it, making it even a special gift for the person you give it to. This Murano Glass pendant was crafted by the expert glassblowers of Murano, using centuries-old glassmaking techniques. The frame of the pendant is silver plated with 24k gold, enhancing its visual appeal. Not only is this a perfect gift for a loved one, but is also ideal for people who love wearing or collecting unique jewellery.

This Murano Glass pendant is 1.9 centimetres (0.75 inches) in both, height and width. The product is MuranoVitrum-guaranteed and comes with a certificate that serves as proof of its authenticity.

Disclaimer: Avoid using strong, chemical cleaners to clean the pendant and always use a soft, damp cloth to clean it, otherwise it might affect its coating and finishing. The pendant is not to be worn while bathing or swimming.

Murrina pendant with initial.
The frame is in silver plated with 24 k gold, each charm is one of a kind.
Handmade in Venice following the ancient techniques.
Please, note that the murrinas color combinations may slightly vary from what shown here.
To clean the pendant we recommend a damp cloth.

The decoration is applied with gold leaf and is then brought back to high temperature in a second firing.
This is the most effective technique for having lasting decorations in 24K gold leaf on a virtuous surface.
However, to keep the decoration bright, it is absolutely necessary to avoid washing the pendant with chemicals, including some too aggressive soaps, be careful not to rub it with rough cloths.
We advise not to wear it when washing and avoid bathing in the sea.
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