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Rezzonico chandelier with 9 lights created for MuranoLab by the Voltolina atelier in Venice. Entirely handmade in Murano glass.


  • Height: 135cm - 53.15"
  • Width: 103cm - 40.55"
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The Venetian chandelier design known as the Rezzonico is the most coveted of them all.The Rezzonico household, from whom the chandelier derives its name, commissioned its creation to Venetian glassblowers in the middle of the eighteenth century.The Rezzonico family was among Venice's most prestigious. This chandelier is guaranteed to give your house a sense of Venetian culture and tradition.

Anyone who lays their eyes on the Rezzonico Chandelier will be shocked by the grandeur and elegance that it radiates, whether you hang it in your living room or dining room. The current Rezzonico chandeliers are handcrafted by Murano glass artists using centuries-old processes. They take design cues from an antique model from the 18th century for inspiration.

The Rezzonico Murano Glass Chandelier is 135 centimetres (53.15 inches) in height and 103 centimetres (40.55 inches) in width. The product is MuranoVitrum-guaranteed and comes with a certificate that serves as proof of its authenticity.

The Rezzonico chandelier is the most prestigious model among the Venetian chandeliers.

The Rezzonico chandelier was first created in Venice in the mid-18th century for the Rezzonico family, from which it takes its name. The Rezzonico was one of the most prestigious families in Venice. In about 1750 they bought a palace on the Grand Canal which was to represent the expression of the family's wealth and prestige. For the new residence, the Rezzonico family wanted a large luxury modern chandelier, as never before, so as to impress guests and visitors from the moment they arrived at the palace.

A huge and magnificent Murano glass chandelier was commissioned and built, a work of engineering art, a suspended sculpture, with several rows of arms and a riot of flowers and decorations, in a perfect balance of weights and proportions, perfectly balanced. The success of the Venetian chandelier was enormous and, from the time, the Rezzonico model, among the Venetian-style chandeliers, identifies a type of lighting inspired by the first Rezzonico chandelier.

The modern Rezzonico chandeliers are created by glass masters according to the ancient techniques of Murano, inspired in the design by the ancient model of the eighteenth century. Each glass factory has its own secrets of realization and enriches the structure characterized by several rows of arms, with flowers and decorations in glass and crystal. The traditional Rezzonico chandelier can have 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 21, or 36 lights, however, there are no limits to the size and number of lights, do not hesitate to contact us for customized projects.

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