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SKU: TOSA0150xx

Disc-shaped sculpture in Murano glass


  • Height: 34cm - 13.39"
  • Width: 35cm - 13.78"
  • Depth: 11cm - 4.33"
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Could simplicity and complexity coexist together side by side?
That's what this magnificent sculpture proves.
Murano glass disk sculpture, created with Muranese crystal and coloured cannas included with the sommerso technique.
Romano Donà directs the production in Stefano Toso for several years in the first decade of 2000. 
During this period nine different forms are experimented, always with reference to contemporary art.
This work belongs to the period, the shape inspired by the works of Livio Seguso is enhanced by submerged colored reeds that form the background of the concentric figure made with sbruffi.
Finely finished with the final cold grinding process.

Handmade by Romano Donà

Signed by the designer Stefano Toso

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