24 Carat-Flecked and Other Must Haves for Adults

Murano glass has been evolving as an art form in Venice for centuries . Evidence   shows that Venetian glass factories existed as far back as the 8th century AD before glassmaking was concentrated on the island of Murano. This is why Murano glass is synonymous with Venetian glass.

Today, Murano glass pieces are recognizable worldwide. MuranoNet is dedicated to making authentic Murano glass art pieces easier to purchase from anywhere. As the world's first online Murano glass shop, we're playing a substantial role in ensuring a multicultural appreciation for this heritage, which it deserves. We have more than 2000 Murano glass pieces available to buy online.

Here are some art pieces that we think every adult admirer of Murano glass should have.

Black and Gold Ashtray

The Black and Gold Ashtray is made in the Murano islands using ancient Murano glass techniques. This product holds a certification from Vetro Artistico Murano, which authenticates that it is indeed made by Murano islands craftspeople. The ashtray has 24k gold flakes inside that give it its signature look. This ashtray also has a MuranoVitrum certification, which guarantees that it's handmade in Murano or Venice.

Ermanno Shot Glasses

The Ermanno Shot Glasses add a range of vibrant colours to your cocktails. These glasses come in a pack of six. Each glass has a unique but discernible pattern, which only acts as proof of craftsmanship. These glasses also have a MuranoVitrum certification, so you can rest assured that you'll get glasses made with authentic Murano techniques.

Sunset Lighter

The beauty of the Sunset Lighter speaks for itself. It's handmade using two sophisticated techniques called sbruffo and grinding. This product also comes with a Vetro Artistico Murano certification and a MuranoVitrum guarantee, so you know it's handmade in Murano.

Natural-Size Cherry Placeholders

Our Natural-Sized Cherries are perfect placeholders for dinner parties and casual get-togethers. Whether you're having a special guest over or saving a seat for your partner, these cherries can add a unique cheerfulness to the evening.

Art pieces at MuranoNet are made by some of the finest craftspeople in Murano who have inherited the craft from their elders. In fact, there's only one artist who makes natural-size cherries with such a level of perfection. We also have Venetian glass chandeliers, blown glass pendant lights, glass sculptures, and many other art pieces you can buy online. 

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