The Pricier, The Better: An In on Venice’s Artistic Secret A.K.A. Murano Glass

If you have had a chance to purchase Murano glass, you know it’s expensive. But why makes Murano glass expensive?

This type of Venetian artwork is made by hand using furnaces, time-consuming techniques, and nuanced methods to produce premium quality products.

This post explains why Murano glass is pricey, considering various factors. Meanwhile, you can also explore our online store to discover authentic Murano glass products.

What Makes Murano Glass Expensive?

The raw material cost, tools of the trade, and use of precious metals make Murano glass pricey. Let’s look at some of these factors:

Use of Precious Metals

One of the significant reasons for the higher prices is the use of gold and silver. Most Murano glass products are infused with these precious metals, which contribute to premium prices – something that other conventional glass products don’t offer.

Raw Material Sourcing and Prices

Since precious metals like silver, gold, and cobalt go into the making of Murano glass products, the prices are bound to hike. The 24k gold and 0.925 silver are used to give a unique luster to all Murano glass products.

The price of these metals and other semi-precious stones continues to rise, given the supply chain complexities. The cost incurred in sourcing this raw material alone contributes to the prices of finished Murano glass products.

Cost of Operating Business

Besides miniature objects, Murano glass masters also make large objects such as chandeliers, figurines, sculptures, and mirrors. These items require furnaces compared to small pendants, which can be easily made with a little heat.

The factories use equipment and tools to manufacture large items. It takes a lot of time to blow and shape Murano glass into large pieces of art.

Unique Manufacturing Process

Murano glass is a well-kept Venetian secret imparted from generation to generation. No one outside the Island can claim to know the delicate artwork that goes into making each object.

Given its popularity in the West, the demand is rising, but skilled craftsmen are limited. Additionally, techniques such as Filigrana, Sommerso, and MIllefiori are complex, and some items require more than one artisan.

Hence, the unique and complex manufacturing process contributes to the prices of Murano glass products.

Shipping Costs

A true Murano glass product only comes from Italy, which means an added shipping cost. The final product cost includes custom fees based on where you live. Since these products are delicate, it takes an additional insurance fee to ensure the customer gets the product intact.

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