Anna-Kaisa Kukkonen-Madi

Anna-Kaisa Kukkonen-Madi is a Finnish artist specialising in glass.

Born in 1964, her philosophy is based on respecting the original character of glass. During the design process of a glass sculpture, Anna-Kaisa considers how this material can best express its beauty, three-dimensionality, transparency and organic nature.

Her studio is located in Riihimäki, where with a team of professional craftsmen, she focuses on creating works that are small in form, but full of emotion, strength and sensitivity. The target is to find the soul of a phenomenon and preserve it in glass.

Nature is a fundamental source of inspiration for Anna-Kaisa. Her minimalist works convey sensitivity and power. The formal purity of her glass sculptures reflects the sincerity of Nordic nature, where man is not just an observer, but an integral part of its endless cycle. Anna-Kaisa's art celebrates pure nature and, in particular, pure water. Her installation 'S A R E T Islands' is a subtle but incisive message in favour of uncontaminated water. Her sculptures are displayed under a white light, as if they were rare jewellery, to emphasise the concept that pure nature is the only true luxury left, and there is little of it left.

Anna-Kaisa has a special interest in the mnemonic traces that our environment leaves behind. She believes, the sounds, scents, and visual aspects of our surroundings profoundly influence our lives. The way we perceive our environment is swiftly evolving. Her creations are designed to serve as reminders or records of what once existed.

Living and working in Eastern Finland, amidst an expanse of lakes and forests, the artist finds her inspiration. "For me, nature is both a source of joy and a sanctuary," she reflects.


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