Chang Yi
Having been an acclaimed novelist as early as nineteen, Chang Yi began his career as a director.
In the 1980s, after being crowned Best Director at Taiwan's Golden Horse Awards, Chang left the film industry.
Chang Yi has lived with primary vascular lesions since he was young and this gave him a unique perspective on his life.
In 1987, Chang Yi set the new era of Chinese LIULI in motion. Together with Loretta H. Yang, he founded LIULIGONGFANG, the first LIULI art studio in Asia.
In this study, Chang Yi has created new possibilities and charted a new direction for the future of Chinese craftsmanship.
The New York Times dubbed Chang the "Father of Asia Studio Glass".
Chang sees the liuli technique as a carrier for the imagery of "love and death", "reality and illusion", "light and shadow", "complete splendor and shattered disillusionment".
Chang Yi's style is uninhibited and free-spirited; he gives his work limitless possibilities and looks to Zen Buddhism and literature as his creative guides. 

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