François Décorchemont

François Décorchemont comes from a family of artists: his father, Louis-Émile Décorchemont (1851-1921), born in Saint-Pierre d'Autils, was a sculptor.
After studying at the National School of Decorative Arts in Paris, he made many glass paste objects that brought him to fame.

The glass paste technique was developed in the late 19th century.
In the early years of the twentieth century, he devoted himself to the technique of fine glass paste, later he expanded his research towards objects of greater thickness, obtaining diaphanous colors of great charm.
Later he established himself as a master glassmaker.
He invented a new material, the crystal paste.
He was very religious and frequented the church of his village, which had Renaissance stained glass windows. François came up with the idea of applying his technique to the art of stained glass in the 1930s.
He had a very discreet and uncommunicative character, he kept his discoveries and techniques secret. Painter, ceramist, glassmaker, he created all his works, drawing, modeling, finishing.
His work is characterized by a clean design, simple lines and the brilliance, transparency and luminosity of the colors. His creations have no functional value but only aesthetic value due to their fragility and their production cost.
He has curated his works in small series, paying particular attention to aesthetics at the expense of functionality.


François Décorchemont is the grandfather of the glassmakers Antoine, Juliette and Étienne Leperlier.

Les vitraux de François Décorchemont

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