Vittorio Ferro

Born in 1932
Master glassmaker at F.lli Toso .
His extraordinary ability allowed him to deal with all the techniques of working in the furnace, from delicate filigrana to massello , but his favorite technique was the murrina

Ferro was a true primo maestro (first master), a rare representative of that rare species of glassmakers, who have made Murano glassworks flexible and competitive over the centuries and who have always been the soul of the most prestigious companies on this island.
The “primo maestro” is in fact the one who sweeps with skill and ease in the various branches of Murano glass production, from blown vases to massive sculptures, from delicate table sets to chandeliers.
In 1963 he created a collection designed by Renato and Giusto Toso with which he participated in the Murano Glass Exhibition.
In 1964 at the XXXII and in 1966 at the XXXIII Venice Biennale , works by him based on a design by Renato Toso are exhibited.
In 1969 he won the "Borselle d'Oro" for the original drawings made with traditional techniques.
He has received prestigious awards, collaborated with artists and designers, exhibiting in Italy, Japan, the USA.
He taught in Finland, Nuutajarvi Glass Factory, and collaborated with the Abate Zanetti School of Glass.
Vittorio died at the age of 80 after a long illness on July 26, 2012


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