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SKU: ICMO0020Bxx

Blue Big Hot Air Balloon


  • Height: 32cm - 12.6"
  • Width: 15cm - 5.91"
  • Depth: 10cm - 3.94"
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The Hot Air ballon get you carried away by the sheer wow factor. The colors, the details and the thoughtfulness is the result of a exquisite mix of techniques. The colors are made in vetrofusione and murrines. But what that really catches the eye is the is the texture of the surface made in 'Battuto" which means "pushed". First used in the early 1900s, Battuto means struck or beat the surface of the glass to give an appearance of hammered metal effect. The Hot Air Ballon is suspended in a metal structure, so you don't have to worry where to hang it!

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