Murano Glass Jewelry for Men: Breaking Gender Norms

Fashion shows, model runways, and elite circle events have had men donning intricate jewelry items, bracelets, earrings, and more! Especially in Spring 2022 runways, there seems to be a widespread trend of men wearing jewelry items. Vogue mentions that the Spring 2022 fashions show an extraordinary number of men wearing jewelry.

From beady necklaces to thicker bracelets and big bead earrings, men donned the perfect jewelry that went well with their spring wear.

This summer, we recommend men sport more of the Murano jewelry. Curated with authentic Murano glass, Murano glass jewelry items for men are the right shade and color.

Buy big brown necklaces and squared cufflinks for men from MuranoNet.  

Here are some Murano jewelry items for men.

Santorini Bracelets

Santorini bracelets go with most men's wear. They can be paired with casual wear and formal wear likewise. You must have seen men wearing Murano glass jewelry with jeans and t-shirts; a more casual look that. You can pair them up with semi-formals as well. Murano glass is as authentic a jewelry item as any other.

At MuranoNet, the bracelet comes with a nylon band highly adjustable for the wrist. The bracelet has authentic glass beading.

  Santorini jewelry for men

Santorini bracelets are the perfect fit for men. These bracelets go with any street style men opt for. They'd look good with jeans and other casual outfits men decide to don.

The bracelets are available in adjustable sizes and are more frequently sported by teenagers and young adult men.

Pearl Brooches

Designer Jil Sander brought in vibrant colors for men. They paired their clothes with pearly brooches and rings for men. While brighter shades for men weren't very common on the runway, rings and jewelry items continued to be a common occurrence in 2022 fashion. Burberry even had models wear nose rings with tough suits and commando boots.


Gone are the days when cufflinks used to be of the most somber colors! Cufflinks today are bright and catchy. They tend to have more greens and blues than greys and whites. They also tend to be larger than they previously were.

Cufflinks are high fashion and sophisticated both! But nobody said your cufflinks couldn't complement your blue blazer or grey jacket.

Find some of the most exquisite cufflinks at MuranoNet. They have Murano glass embedded in them. The Murano glass we offer comes right from the Islands of Murano.

Try these amazing Murano glass cufflinks at MuranoNet. You can also check out our jewelry items for women.

 Murano glass cufflinks

Metallic Pendants

Bold metallic pendants for men seem to be the rage these days. They go with literally everything! You can sport them with a t-shirt, a collared shirt, a button-down shirt, and whatnot! These are larger than pendants for women and tend to have symbols or phrases. They come in metallic chains as well.

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