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Murano glass aquariums

Have you ever wanted an aquarium, with lots of tropical fishes in your livingroom? Just to adorn a corner of the room, reproducing a small piece of nature on a fine piece of forniture.
Well, having an aquarium in your own home is a symbol of good taste and elegance. But, since they are a reproduction of an indeed complex ecosystem, they require constant and expensive cares. For this reason, Murano glass aquariums are an effective solution.
Pure transparency given by crystal clear glass, waters rich in detailed fishes and corals, sleek and sober lines, Murano glass aquariums are the result of a refined technique: the aquarium is - in fact - an article already known in the Muranese tradition, which over the years has been reworked and redesigned in shapes and colours. 
Over time we have created aquariums of all shapes and sizes, contact us to have your own customized aquarium.

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