Finnish vases are the passion of great art dealer Bruno Bischofberger who’s showcasing his rich collection from this April in Venice.


It is know as one of the greatest art dealers of the twentieth Century, the man who’s brought Andy Warhol and Basquiat in Europe and represented David Salle and Julian Schnaibel’s neo expressionism and Cucchi & Clemente’s vanguard.

But the Swiss art dealer is more than that. He’s also a voracious collector whose curiosity has been awaken non only by visual art but also by decorative art, design, archaelogical objects. Now, a part of his important collection, is on show at the Fondazioni Cini in Venice, in the space of “Le Stanze del Vetro” on San Giorgio Maggiore island (13th April – 2nd August), exhibition curated by Kaisa Koivisto and Pekka Korvenmaa: 300 Finnish artworks that have been collected by Bischofberger and his wife Christina, both driven by the interest in 50’s Mid-Century Modern style, whose amorphous lines is stained in the Finnish glass and in the artworks of great artists such as Arp, Picasso, Magritte, Salì, Tanguy.

How has the collection begun?

It all started Mark Isaacson and Mark McDonald’s gallery in New York. Since 1982 Bischofberger has regularly visited Finland to hone his skills. It’s in Finland that Bischofberger has discovered the main aspect of the Finnish glass artworks: singularity, the same of the Finnish people.

Radical forms, minimalism, conceptual design often in a small shape and transparent glass.

Amongst the favorite pieces of the collection, the Aalto vase designed in 1937 by the great architect, but also artworks by Gunnel Nyman of the 30’s and 40’s, inspired by nature or by objects such as a pearl necklace in a vase. Then the creations of Timo Sarpaneva and his Lansetti vases, and from the most recent production, the artworks of talents such as Harri Koskinen.

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7-Aalto_vase 03-Kaj-Franck_Ring-Bowl

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