Palazzo Soranzo Van Axel

Palazzo Soranzo Van Axel

The palace was erected between 1473 and 1479 for Nicolò Soranzo with material recovered from an ancient palace of the Gradenigo. Particular glimpses of the adjacent church of Santa Maria dei Miracoli and the coincidence of the construction period make it probable that Nicolò Soranzo will be involved in the construction of the church.

The palace then passed to the Venier and Sanudo and finally in 1652 to the Van Axels, wealthy merchants from Holland and more precisely from Axel near Gent who were admitted to the Venetian patriciate in 1665.
Description of the location of the space: building on four floors, located a short distance from Campo SS. Giovanni e Paolo, with the possibility of compartmentalising the areas according to the exhibition needs. The building is restored, equipped with 2 elevators and everything necessary for disabled access.

Reachability for the public and transport of the works: from Calle alongside the Church of the Miracles, or from Fondamenta Van Axel; for transporting works, from Rio de la Panada or Rio di Ca ’Widman.

Facilities: latest generation electrical, heating, air conditioning and fire prevention systems managed by home automation. Available electrical power about 300KW, further implementable.

Cannaregio 6099, 6071, 6072 - 30121 Venezia

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