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Sculptures aren’t just an adornment for art collectors or museums. Those days are long gone! You can bring sculptures indoors to decorate your home. Sculptures are hands down the most luxe addition to interior décor, and you can never go wrong with them!

We have outlined the list of ways to incorporate Calcedonio sculptures – one of the most exquisite types of Murano glass sculptures – in your home décor.

Calcedonio Sculptures

Calcedonio or Chalcedony sculpture is one of the authentic art of glassmaking in Murano. It takes absolute craftsmanship and domination of traditional techniques known to Roman artists to create these artifacts.

Each glass master has a secret, and very few can master this form of art today. Nonetheless, this sublime technique can be an admiral addition to your art collection and interior décor.

Ways To Use Sculptures

Make room for these beautiful pieces in your home:

Contemporary and Bold

You can go with abstract art sculptures if you’re into contemporary minimalist style. Calcedonio sculptures with clean lines and abstract designs have a different splendor that’s unparalleled to any other form of sculpture.

Mix Classic with Modern

A classic calcedonio mixed with a marble sculpture can be the needed twist in your interior design. If abstract designs aren’t your cup of tea, go for the calcedonio human figurine with a Greek-style portrait or marble torso.

Bring Charm With Animal Sculptures

Animals are known to bring good luck, money, and prosperity. Many cultures use bigger or smaller sculptures of turtles, elephants, or frogs. Other animal figurines include glass horses, fish, and birds. These glass sculptures add character to any living space. The bright colors and shine will a nice pop of color to your interior décor as well.

Places to Adorn With Calcedonio Sculptures

You can place these beautiful art pieces anywhere in your home, and they’ll be sure to bring charm and aesthetic appeal. If you’re unsure where to place your calcedonio sculptures, we have simplified it for you.

Living Room

The living room is the easy choice for any décor item, including calcedonio sculptures. You can use any type of sculpture in the living room because of the vibrancy and diversity of this space. It’s the place where you spend time with family or entertain guests.

You can use small animal figurines for the side tables. Alternatively, you can use abstract art and large sculptures on the shelves or in open spaces in the living room. It’ll give a put-together look to your living room.

Entryway or Hallways

If your hallways and entryway look empty, you add life to these spaces with large calcedonio sculptures. Alternatively, you can install floating shelves to display smaller sculptures. These artifacts will surely leave a lasting impression on your guests.

Bedroom or Personal Space

Your bedroom is your sanctuary. You can decorate it as an extension of your personality. Choose smaller sculptures or animal figurines on the top of your bed, study, or side tables. A task lamp will further enhance their look.

Glass sculpture


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