Matteo Seguso

Born in Venice in 1973.
In 1999 Bruno and his business partner Paolo Linzi handed over to him the management of the Seguso & Linzi Artisan Workshop, founded in 1954. In 2006, “Matteo Seguso Engraver of Art on Glass” was born.
Matteo is known for his artistic glass engravings made on a grinding wheel.
In 2007 Matteo started a collaboration with Lino Tagliapietra through which he enters an international context and becomes an expert in the Battuto technique.
He collaborates with numerous important Murano furnaces, and with internationally renowned designers and artists. Matteo also holds engraving courses in Italy, USA and Australia. His works can be found in numerous private collections and museums around the world.
Always in search of new stimuli and challenges, Matteo Seguso is one of the youngest performers of the traditional handmade glass engraving technique and cold working.
he creates artistic engravings on vases, glasses, mirrors or any glass object; giving rise to a wide range of drawings, sketches and embroidery. Matteo collaborates with several furnaces in Murano, as well as internationally renowned designers and artists. But his spirit remains tied to Venice and Murano where, one day, maybe his children could follow in his footsteps. "They play with the wheel, like I did as a child in the workshop."

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