Gabriella Nanni - Venice Forever - Murano Glass

Jewelry has made it into 2022 in style. Not only is it worn by women, but the latest fashion runway and ramps show men sporting quirky pieces of jewelry too. The best part about a jewel is its timeless beauty and the fact that you can style it with any and every outfit you have. We've recently seen many celebrities wearing quite easy-going jewelry with their summer and spring outfits. Most of these pieces were intricate pieces of beady necklaces perfect for a spring extravaganza.

While earrings are some of the most worn jewelry items women can own, pendants and lockets have their worth. You can sport a pendant with almost everything. The pendant type wondrously works for all women regardless of the event you want to wear it to. Earrings and pendants are both independent pieces of jewelry that can be worn with any outfit and on any occasion.

This year's fashion runway featured quite a few interesting jewels, with Maryam Nassir Zadeh's iconic jewelry designs sitting well with organic elements like glass, wood, and shells. The jewelry shone brightly on dark-colored outfits and blended perfectly with light-hued dresses of soft summery shades.

What's Up with Glass Jewelry

In a recent feature by Vogue, the magazine covered some jewelry makers introduced to the fashion scene, including Gennaro Pepe. Pepe is a glassblower from Spain. Some of the artist's pieces that models wore on the runway include radiant double pendants and glass hearts tied around the wrist or dandling in long chains. The trend seems to stand out during fashion displays due to its newness and approach to glass jewelry items.

The Murano Glass Jewelry

 Glass jewelry is most conveniently available at online stores and outlets. Most crucial is that you only invest in the best jewel pieces made out of valuable items with a legacy. Try investing in glass jewelry made of Murano glass. If you're an enthusiast, you must have heard of the Murano Island known as the Island of Glass. Murano in Venice, Italy, is where the famous Murano glass is manufactured. What sets the glass apart is its immaculate craftsmanship and the various hand-guided techniques used to craft the Murano glass.

The Murano glass jewelry is equally stunning. You can sport its beautiful pendants with any outfits you like. The jewelry works perfectly for people of diverse ages since youngsters, teens, and adults can all wear different types of lockets, rings, and women's glass pendants. Don't forget to look up authentic Murano glass jewelry items on some of the most trusted Italian e-commerce outlets and Murano glass decorative pieces online.

Here's a quick rundown of some Murano glass jewelry pieces that will complement your spring look and add that much-needed oomph to your current fashion choices.

Murano Glass Necklaces and Pendants

Pendants are popular with all the outfits and seasons around, but they are also the perfect fit for people who like to keep it simple and low-key. Not in the mood to dress up for going out? Quickly where a glass pendant to complete your look, and you are good to go!

Pendants are also quite Bohemian in appearance. Rich in color and texture, Boho jewelry is known for its eccentric appeal and eye-catching textures. Murano glass necklaces and pendants come in double and triple pendants attached to a thin chain. The glass is often colored with shades of blue, red, green, and more! Each glass piece guarantees 100% original Murano glass made in Venice.

Here's a fine collection of Murano necklaces and pendants for your summer look.


Venice Forever Necklaces

The Venice Forever necklaces come with the best brown shades and authentic Murano glass beads. The necklace's length is quite adjustable. The necklace has a unique appeal and interesting texture.


Murrina glass necklaces

These necklaces have multi-colored textures to them. They come off as quite playful and chic, best suited for your breezy summer dresses.

a murrina pendant

Sommerso Pendants

Sommerso is a glass-making technique that refers to "submerged" in Italian. The technique was quite popular in the 20th century to attain an animal skin pattern on the glass. For this purpose, thick layers of colored glass are superimposed on each other and then crafted.

Murano Glass Bracelets

A bracelet is one of those ornaments you can continue wearing even after occasions. You can wear them casually at home, work, or on a random grocery store visit. Bracelets come in many different colors. This makes it easier to mix and match your different outfits anywhere you like.

Based on the beads and glass you attach to your bracelet, a Murano glass bracelet sits loosely fitted on the hand, which adds a casual finesse to your overall look.

The Luminosa Collection by Manuela Milan

The Corning Museum of Glass lists Manuela Milan as a celebrated glass artist whose passions and interests in glass art reflect her firm roots in the tradition and artistic grandeur of Venice.

The Luminosa collection by Manuela Milan is symbolic of the lasting magic jewelry items embedded with glass can create. Her collection consists of Gold and Aqua Baguette bracelets. You can adjust the size of the bracelet as per your need. The bracelets have the shiniest beads that glimmer in the light and look quite aesthetic on the hand.

The Eclisse Collection by Gabriella Nanni

Gabriella Nanni's collections are known for their sterling silver and Murano glass. The pieces have some of the most appealing pieces of colored glass attached for the best bracelet effect. The sterling silver looks exquisite, with the beads loose and dangling from the bracelet. The color on the glass is attained through the Sommerso technique, where layers of glass are submerged together.

 green glass bracelet by Gabriella Nanni

Murano Glass Rings

Murano glass rings are a class apart, with shiny Murano glass peaking through silver and gold rings. These rings would easily qualify as funky and chic at the same time. You can delve into the rich legacy of the ring and the sense of style they add to your looks. Some of the most go-getter outfits would benefit from a heart-shaped or rustic-framed Murano ring.

In case you don't find an authentic outlet for Murano glass jewelry. To buy necklaces, pendants, and rings made of the Murano glass, visit our online, original Murano glass outlet, MuranoNet.


The Heart Ring

The Heart Ring is made of 925 silver and shiny Murano glass. The ring is the best ornament for night events. It's showy, elegant, and is super adjustable to different sizes. It's made using the "Lume technique". The process is a time-taking ritual softening glass over live fire. After a certain temperature, the glass becomes to soften up. You are free to give it any shape that you want after that.

 Heart Ring


Murano Glass Earrings

If you check out editorials by leading fashion magazines like Vogue and Marie Claire, you'd realize that studs and hoops are the most in-demand! That's because women are opting for all-purpose jewelry that works out with their office wear, friends' meet-ups, and public gatherings.

Glass earrings would be a perfect fit for most public events since they are the least catchy and blend quite well with any outfit you put on. You can make your earrings look bolder by contrasting your outfit with them. Coral blue small earrings will steal the show if you pair them with a white outfit.

Sommerso Earrings

These sommerso earrings are the perfect wear with any of your light-hued outfits. Their intense blue color is the most refreshing and would do for day engagements. Before investing in any Murano glass product, make sure you're dealing with authentic Murano glass.

At MuranoNet, you have the best set of Murano glass accessories, modern chandeliers, and glass sculptures at the best prices.


Square Earrings from the Niagara Collection

The Niagara Collection is all about elegance and style. The collection has some of the most interesting glassware paired with intricate necklaces and jewelry items. The square earrings are sterling silver with Murano glass beads fitted in square frames.

Most of these jewelry pieces are made in Venice and mounted in Florence. The pieces come under a 100% authentic Murano Vitrum guarantee. Don't invest in them if their guarantee certificate seems fishy or inauthentic.

Grey Murano Glass Double Earrings

Thicker in width, the Murano glass double earrings are the perfect accessories for regal events and formal dresses. You can easily pair them up with classic gowns and dresses. The earrings have glass beads mounted in Florence, while the glass is handcrafted in Venice.

The earrings are available in a perfect grey color to enhance your look better. You don't even need to pair them with a necklace. The earrings would look incredible anyway.

The double earring pair is available in beautiful coral blue and leaf-green colors as well.

Santorini Bracelets for Men by Antonio Vaccari

Men don't wear a single bracelet as women do. They couple a few bracelets and wear them together. It's always a beadier affair for men than women. Santorini bracelets are the perfect fit for men. These bracelets go with any street style men opt for. They'd look good jeans and other casual outfits men decide to don.

The bracelets are available in adjustable sizes and are more frequently sported by teenagers and young adult men.

Murano glass bracelets

Murano Glass Wrist Watches

Murano glass wristwatches are murrine watches perfect for ladies' wear. The watch dial glasses are made of Murano glass colored and patterned to suit the watch's style. Murano glass watches come with double metal bands.

While the band would continue to be the same, the murrine for each watch would be different. However, the glass for all watches is handcrafted in Venice and uses one of the most valuable glasses, the Murano glass.

You might want to have bold numbers written in glossy dark colors to make the numbers more prominent.

Murano glass watch

Murrina Rectangular Watch

If you're not a fan of circular dials, go with rectangular watches with different floral patterns and textures drawn on the class. You can play around with the watch band's color, switching from green to blue or other colors!

Colorful watches at MuranoNet are available with Miyota Quartz Movement. The strap is made of leather and comes in different colors. You can choose the color you want.

The online store offers multiple payment options for its Murano glass products like large glass vases with a wide mouth, Wayfair glass pendant lights, and Pacati drinking glasses.

Serenissima Watches

The Serenissima watch is available in 9 different colors. It's excellent ladies' wear for most occasions. The watch comes with a case that's Nickel-free gold plated. Most Murano glass watches come with the watch's operation, and Murano Vitrum watches guarantee.

Murano glass jewelry has a distinct appeal of its own. The glass can be dyed using various techniques to form patterns and designs on glass. While Murano glass jewelry items come in different pendants and ring items, you should try out the adjustable Murano glass watches for an incredible user experience.


Apart from the Murano glass jewelry, you can invest in Murano glass decorative pieces online. Our online E-commerce store, MuranoNet, has quite a few Murano glass accessories, including glass statues,hand-blown glass pendants, and decorative hanging lights for the living room. Murano glass products make the best gift items. Be it a gift for your friends, or your colleagues, Murano glass products work as great custom business gifts for employees and clients. For more information, call +39 041 2770822.