“A Lume” glass by Mauro Vianello

Murano glass Museum

25th June – 23rd October

The lampwork technique is an ancient Muranese art that, as of today, has achieved a unique and universally recognized technical excellence.

The importance of this particular process is the subject of a technological and teaching lesson at the Murano glass Museum: it will begin with a reflection on the work of two of the most famous lampwork glass masters, from Dresden, Leopold Blaschka (1822-1895) and his son Rudolf (1857-1939).

As you may know, these two talented artists created a large amount of educational models for prestigious institutes and universities such as the Zoological Institute of Vienna or the University of Harvard in Cambridge (MA).

Being their pieces so realistic, Leopold and Rudolf were chosen to be responsible for the creation of perfect reproductions of specimens of animals and plants which scientists were using for their research.

Starting from this experience, and to better understand the sublime technique of “vetro a lume”, the Museum of Murano glass will trace – with the help of glassmaster Mauro Vianello – their work, proposing marine specimens that come to life in glass, in the same rich colors, in the same streaks, in the same transparency, defying even the most watchful and expert eye.

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Il Vetro a Lume di Mauro Vianello

Some of Mauro Vianello's artworks are featured in our gallery.

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