Andrea Zilio

He was born in Venice in 1966 and lives in Murano.
He began his career as an artisan in the antique furniture restoration sector, but his great passion for glass led him in a short time to obtain the qualification of " Primo Maestro " in the Anfora glass factory, under the guidance of the masters Giulio Ferro and Luigi Buratto .

Passionate performer of ancient models with an extraordinary finesse of hand, he soon began to create works he himself designed, in which he exalts the most complex traditional techniques in a modern key, such as reticello , incalmo , zanfirico and sommerso . Great contemporary artists and designers entrust him with the creation of their prestigious glass works.
For example, his collaborations with Yoichi Ohira , Ritsue Mishima, Cristiano Bianchin, Michele Burato, Massimo Micheluzzi , Emmanuel Babled, Melvin Anderson, Peter Pelzel , Tristano di Robilan and many others stand out.
Andrea Zilio taught at the important Pilchuck Glass School in Seattle (USA) and actively collaborated with the Scuola Abate Zanetti in Murano.
The first exhibition of his works was at "Aperto Vetro" in 1996 at the Murano Glass Museum where, in the Contemporary Glass section, one of his works is permanently exhibited.
Andrea participates in the 2018 edition of the "Double Signature" project with the designers De Allegri / Fogale. He is considered by the most authoritative experts to be one of the first masters in the world in non-figurative glass blowing.

Andrea Zilio with Ritsue Mishima.

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