Bruno Amadi

For 4 decades, with extraordinary skill, Bruno Amadi has been modeling wonderful natural forms by lamp in his shop in Venice.
Starfish, anchovies, lattarini, green lizards, frogs, butterflies, mushrooms, green beans, peas, hollies, snails, very light spiders, dragonflies and ants are born from the colored glass rods ...

Born in Burano, Amadi moved as a child to Murano with his family where his father worked in the furnace.
From his father he learned to "handle glass" together with his 5 brothers but only he continued, expressing a true passion for this art.
Entered in the kiln from the age of 11, he worked for Salviati , Mazzega and Barbini , also following the drawing courses of Anzolo Fuga at the Abate Zanetti School for Glassmakers.
His inspiration comes from careful observation of nature, aided by photographs and drawings, which he combines with skillful technique, careful composition of colors and the passion that, he emphasizes, continues to animate his work.
There are numerous Venetian exhibitions at the Correr Museum, Palazzo Grassi, Palazzo Ducale as well as those at Palazzo Pitti and the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco. Among the many reviews and articles, Amadi mentions with satisfaction the work done on him by the great director Takeshi Kitano for the NHK public network that made him famous in Japan.

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