Glassworks that has established in 1836 at Klostermeuhle in Bohemia, by Eisensteine. In 1840 Johann Loetz purchased it, and when he died, his wife Suzanne took over. In 1870 his grandson, mAx Ritter Von Spaun expanded procuction both in quantity and quality, and exported throughout the world.

During the decade 1890 - 1900 some particular artistic glasses were designed: they were made in imitation of agate and aventurine. The glassworks was awardeed the patent for the manufacture of iridescent glassware, similar to (but prior to)the "Favrile" items - made by Tiffany. After 1900 production includes white and black glasswares up to the closure, happened in 1914. They reopen after the Great War, butb the glassworks was eventually destroyed by fire in 1932. The trademarks are "Loetz - Austria" for foreign markets, and "Loetz Klostermeuhle" for the domestic market.

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