Mauro Bonaventura

He was born in Venice in 1965. At 18 he graduated in electronics.
In his search for a job, fate and providence gave him the opportunity to become an apprentice in the ancient tradition of Venetian glass blowing.
From the beginning he fell in love and was mesmerized by the incandescent quality of the glass.
His career began with learning glass blowing and decoration techniques and to this day he still remains in the craft of the glassmaker.
For Mauro it was a turning point in 1992, when he was lucky enough to be invited by a master glassmaker to observe him in the lampwork.
A new passion hit Mauro when he realized that this technique allowed him to explore a new and exciting way of working glass face to face with greater intimacy.
After months of evening observation Mauro decided it was time to leave the furnace team and concentrate and channel all his energies on the lampwork technique.


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