MuranoNet on The Times!

Thanks to one of our British friends, we’ve found an article talking about us !

It was January 31st 2004 and journalist Virginia Blackburn wrote on The Times “ The magic of Murano glass ”, an interesting article about the connection between the unique beauty of Murano glass and the long history of Venice .

In this article she explains how « after the initial flowering, the Murano glass industry suffered from some setbacks as Venice fell under the auspices of France ». However, in the middle of 19th century, « Murano began to attain prominence in the glass-making world »; nowadays « the firms have brought manufacturing to a whole new level ».

And, talking about the minimalist style that has been popular in interior design over the last years, Mrs Blackburn points out that it provides « an excellent setting for Murano glass » since the « individual pieces, vividly coloured and decorative, stand out » in that minimalism (and if you have a look at these wonderful chandeliers you couldn't agree more).

Finally, in the section “What to buy and where” for people interested in creating a Murano glass collection, she talks about us : « Marco Polo International - in Venice - has an online gallery with exquisite pieces , including a vase in which a goldfish appear to be swimming through the glass ».

Well, we don't have that vase anymore obviously! But we still constantly try to find out and choose the best products for you .

By the way, if you like aquariums and goldfishes you should see our dedicated section !

To read the article on The Times online, see here


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