Kiln casting

"Kiln casting" represents a method of glassmaking by which glassware is made by directing the glass in its molten state inside a mold, where solidification takes place. This technique finds its origins as early as the 15th century B.C., having been practiced in both ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia. In modern times, glass melting is accomplished through various processes, such as casting in a furnace or sand, using graphite or metal molds.

The process involves the preparation of a mold, composed of a mixture of plaster and refractory materials, including silica. A model can be made using a variety of solid materials, such as wax, wood or metal. Then, through a process called "veneering," a cast of the model is created, which is then removed to allow the glass to be fused into the rough mold. The inclusion of decorative elements such as murrine and stained glass gives each work unique and unrepeatable characteristics.

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